Cultural transitions
Economy and urban transitions
Europe and international
Territorial transitions
Third Places
Analysis of the "La Hive" program of the innovation campus thecamp
Marseille Cabucelle
Analysis of the Cabucelle site in Marseille, EUROPAN
Analysis of the territorial purview of the knowledge economy : the case of Grenoble
Analysis of Third Places as vectors for ecological and solidarity transition
Assistance for the creation of a City Lab, Nantes Métropole, 2017
Assistance for the development of a network of Third Places
Assistance in the conversion of a socio-cultural center into a Third Place in Ouistreham
Changdong Sanggye Start-up and Culture Industruy Complex, South Corea
Co-animation of a conference on the fabrication of the Metropolitan project of the Grand Nancy, L’Office
Collaborative economy, cities and territories (ARADEL)
Competition « Inventons la métropole du Grand Paris » (Sceaux and Rueil Malmaison)
Conception and experimentation of an itinerant digital structure of coproduction of the city
Conception, animation and evaluation of the « art-science-technologies » Living Lab EXPERIMENTA
Conversion of the CEC site into a third place in Istres
Definition and programming of a cultural and entrepreneurial third place, in Boussac (Creuse)
Definition of a "Third Places" strategy for the agglomeration of Saint Quentin en Yvelines
Departmental plan for artistic teaching and amateur practice in the Pyrénées Atlantiques
Seine Et Marne
Departmental plan of artistic teaching and amateur practice of Seine et Marne
Pas De Calais
Departmental Scheme of Amateur Teaching and Artistic Practices of Pas-de-Calais
Digital strategy for Vitry-Sur-Seine city center’s urban revitalization
Doctoral thesis in Science of Territories – Urban Planning - Cognitive Urban Systems
Elaboration of a model of innovation and cultural development, CU Grand Paris Seine & Oise
Evaluate the externalities of the mechanisms created by the actors of the national network of hybrid arts and digital cultures
Evaluation of Innoviris' research and innovation projects in the Brussels-Capital Region
Maison Reconnectée
Evaluation of the "Maison reconnectée"
Evaluation of the TIGA project "Valence Romans, Capitale des start-up de territoire"
Evaluation of the Urban Innovation Program « Les Pépinières Urbaines »
Ateliers De Maitrise D'oeuvre Urbaine
Expert of the 41st « Ateliers Internationaux de Maîtrise d’œuvre Urbaine de Cergy-Pontoise »
Expertise mission for EUROPAN competition on the theme of productive cities
Expertise of the 8 Fablab in Crest (Drôme area, France)
Expertise of the European project Coworkmed, AVITEM
Expertise of the Fab Lab La Fabritech, Le Cheylard (Ardèche)
Expertise of the Fab Lab of the Ecole Supérieure d’Art d'Annecy
Expertise of the Lab Lab of the association AADN (Lyon, France)
Expertise of the Pangloss Labs, Ferney- Voltaire (Ain area, France)
Europan 15
Expertise of the projects of the EUROPAN 15 competition
Facilitation of the Digital Encounters 2014 : Innovative and creative city
Feasability study of a Fab Lab on the Plaine de l’Ain (France)
Feasibility study for implementing Third Places on the Lauragais region in France
Feasibility study for the creation of a Third Place
Montauban Flickr
Feasibility study for the development of Third Places in the Grand Sud Tarn-et-Garonne Community of Municipalities
Feasibility study for the development of Third Places in the Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Urban Community
Finalist of the « Réinventer Paris » competition. Sully Morland site (Paris, 4ème)
Culture Des Transitions
For a culture of transitions
Granville Terre Et Mer
Granville Terre & Mer Cultural Territorial Project
Interstice research programme "Marseille: towards a situated democracy"
Intervention and analysis of the creative workshop « Plus intelligente la ville ! »
Interventions in the framework of the european project « Coworking Pyrénées »
Master Plan for the urban planning scheme of innovation
Moderation of European Lab conference "The Power of Cities and new governance"
Hôtel De Lesdiguières Juin 2012
National study on the transformation of "Maisons de l'international" into Third Places
Beaumont De Lomagne
Opportunity study for the creation of a Third Place on the territory of the Community of Communes of Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise
Sophia Antipolis
Opportunity study of the open innovation hub of the Sophia Antipolis technology park
Organisation of creativity workshops under the program « Grenoble, Ville de demain ».
Digne Les Bains V2
Positioning study of the Third Place of Diniapolis
Gap Sous Sol Providence
Pre-operational and programming study for the development of a cultural third place "Les Sous-sols de la Providence"
Prefiguration of a Fab Lab specialized in digital creation, Saint Nazaire
Prefiguration of a national network for digital mediation
Prefiguration of a Third Place dedicated to Cultural and Creative Industries, Nantes
IMG 0349
Preliminary study for the development of a cultural project for the territory of southern Bugey
Project Management Assistance for the creation of a center for science and culture
Project Management Assistance in the conception of the urban planning scheme of innovation
Bibliotheque Publique D'Information, Paris December 2011
Research on the emergence of new types of municipal libraries and media libraries. A second "great transformation" of municipal libraries?
Popsu Territoires
Research program "Revealing Digne-les-Bains through the study of the externalities of its Third Places"
Medialab Prado
Research programme "Urban governance of/through innovation". Evaluation of the Madrid Citizen Laboratories
Research seminars on social innovation in Living Labs
Culture De La Coopération
Research-action programme "Culture and territory(ies), departmental and inter-communal cultural policies with regard to the recomposition of territories and societal changes"
Europan 30 Ans D'avance
Scientific coordination of the event "Europan 30 ans d’avance"
Strategic guidance for the Fédération Interrégionale du Livre et de la Lecture
Strategic positioning study for the creation of an art and digital Third Place
Strategic support for the creation of a Learning Center
Study about outstanding sites as a resource for local development
Study about the emergence and development of local regenerative systems
Study and report on the economic paradigm of Third Places
Study for the creaton of an urban Living Lab in Marseille city center
Study of Medellín's Citizen Innovation Labs
Digne Les Bains Wikimedia
Study of the positioning and development of the Health and Autonomy Living Lab of Digne les Bains
Study of the prefiguration and opportunity for the creation of a Cité de la Transition in Marseille
Art Numérique
Study on digital arts and culture ecosystems in France
Ecosystèmes Apprenants Afrique
Study on Learning Ecosystems in Africa
Study on Living Labs. Definition, challenges, comparaisons and feedback of experience
Study on the « Libraries as Third Places » (digital services and collaborate uses)
Study on the mutation of the Science Centers INMEDIATS into Third Places
Study on the regeneration of an industrial wasteland into an Arts-Science-Industry Third Place
Support for the PACA Initiative network in the transformation of Initiative platforms into Third Places
20220521 151553
Support mission for the prefiguration of the territory's cultural project of Loire Forez Agglo
Support mission of the AFD in the design of a program of urban innovation (India, Africa)
Image000000 (28)
Territorial cultural project 2023-2026, Community of communes of Mont des Avaloirs
Urban regeneration of Fuencarral district, Madrid (Spain)
Madrid Usera
Urban regeneration of Madrid's southern neighbourhoods
Urban regeneration of Usera neighborhood, Madrid (Spain)
Inventons La Métropole Du Grand Paris 2
Winner of the "Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris 2" competition, Ecoquartier de l'Arsenal site, city of Rueil Malmaison