Academic conferences
International conferences
Professional and general public conferences
« What a collaborative territory looks like? », Friche de la Belle de Mai, Zinc, Marseille
Ateliers de maitrise d’œuvre urbaine, A knowledge and innovative city in western Grand Paris
CAUE des Hauts-de-Seine, Third Places : New ways of producing cities and territories
Centre de Culture Urbaine Archipel, Cognitive Urban Systems as tools of citizen’s empowerment ?
Co-animation of the « Etats Généraux de la Culture », Observatoire des Politiques Culturelles
Co-organization and moderation of the « Living Labs Workshops », INMEDIATS
Communication Bibliothèque départementale de la Marne, Reims
Communication Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris Malaquais
Communication to the conference « Erreur 104 », Shadok, Strasbourg
Communication to the Entretiens Jacques Cartier 2017, Montréal
Communication to the innovation workshop on the Third Places, EDF "Une Rivière, Un Territoire"
Communication to the international event B.I.O. N’Days, Valence
Communication to the profesional worshops on the theme of sciences and libraries, ARL PACA
Communication to the sixth edition of Innovative City, Nice, 2017
Conference moderator : « The power of cities and new governance »
Contemporary perspectives of productive cities. Towards a biopolitics of cities, EUROPAN, Paris
Digital encounters of ANTIC, « The innovative and creative city », Anglet
École internationale du CNRS, « Does the market make the city ? »
École Internationale du CNRS. The comparative method in Social Sciences : an inexact science ?
Forum urbain, « City and virtuality. New tools and approaches to urban management »
French Mayors and Local Authorities Convention, The securitization of digital data
From the right to the city to the right to infrastructure it : an attainable utopia ?, ENSAL, Lyon
From the technopolis to the metropolis : innovations, sustainable development and territorial planning »
Improving performance efficiency of existing buildings: a priority
Innovation, creativity and Territories : who are the real actors ? », Promising, Grenoble
Interview in the radio program Hashtag, France Culture, The mounting process of libraries
Journées Doctorales d’Économie de Grenoble. "From Grenoble’s scientific polygon to Giant project"
Participation in the organization of the symposium, « Towards a new economic geography »
Producing the city on the basis of knowledge : the example of creative and innovative districts
Rencontres Archytek, « Urban Innovations. Architecture facing digital and collaborative city »
Rencontres du numérique Métro’num, « What Lab do you need ? »
Rencontres professionnelles de la culture Territoires Sensibles, Marseille
Rencontres Scientifiques Nationales de Bron, « Sustainable, social and citizens’ city »
RRI, « Entrepreneurship, Innovation and sustainable development »
Seminar « Territorial diagnosis : what expertise for what action ? »
Seminar « The knowledge there a Grenoble model ? »
Seminar Coworking spaces and teleworking - Territories and Enterprises : possible responses ?
Seminar Culture, Innovation and Territories, Rethinking urban renewal policies.
Seminar GEDT, « What sort of knowledge based economy »
Solidarum, "Raphaël Besson, The city under construction"
Speaker « Thinkers & Doers. Connecting Innovative Forces And Creative Forces »
Speaker and moderator of the OPPE 2016 discussion days
Speaker at Stéréolux, Nantes. An attempt to reinvent the right to the city in Third Places
Speaker at the conference « Heritage : co-management and revitalization », Madrid
Speaker at the creative workshop « Smarter the city ! », Marseille
Speaker at the symposium : « Hybrid, Hybridation, Hybridity »
Speaker at the symposium : « Social innovation and new models of action for territorial development »
Speaker at the symposium « Cities, « Smart Buldings », Marseille
Speaker at the symposium « European Medialab Praxis », Mars Media Lab, Marseille
Speaker at the symposium « National prospective of urban investigation », Paris
Speaker at the workshop : « De-specialization of the places », FING, Paris
Speaker at the XXth International Symposium of French Speaking Sociologists, Montréal
Speaker in the framework of european project : « Coworking Pyrénées », Anglet
Speaker in the framework of European project « Coworking Pyrénées », Catalonia
Speaker in the framework of the 7th days of proximity, Montreal
Speaker in the framework of the international symposium of Fab Labs, Barcelona
Speaker in the framework of the symposium : « Digital creation and smart cities »
Speaker in the framework of the symposium : «The place of users in Living Labs »
Speaker in the international symposium of your investigators in humanities, Barcelona
Symposium « Digital services, collaboratives practices : towards a participative library »
Symposium of the CIES. The illusion. Illusion, perception and representation of the world
Understanding the transformation of post-fordist cities : the contribution of cognitive capitalism