• Feasibility study for implementing Third Places on the Lauragais region in France

    Project management  : Pays Lauragais Partnership : Karine Pouliquen Year : 2017 Located between Toulouse, Albi and Carcassonne, the Pays Lauragais brings together 4 intercommunities and 167 municipalities. The aim of this report is to support the development of various Third Places initiatives, and to  anticipate a network of Third Places on the territory.

  • Master Plan for the urban planning scheme of innovation

    Project management : Amiens Métropole Partnership : Sathy, Base, Alphaville, Franck Boutte Consultants, Plateau Urbain, Mageo Morel Year : 2017 The aim of this mission was to develop a forward-looking vision of the evolution of Amiens’ city center, to establish a dynamic framework by encouraging innovation within the urban space. The mission must bring the […]

  • Conference moderator : « The power of cities and new governance »

    Conference moderator : « The power of cities : reappropriation of uses and new governance », European Lab Forum, Lyon, may 2017. Presentation of the conference : The power of cities : reappropriation of uses and new governance

  • Strategic support for the creation of a Learning Center

    Project management : Université Paris Seine / Communauté d’agglomération de Cergy Pontoise Year : 2017 In the framework of the redesign of its university campus, Cergy-Pontoise is programming a new Learning Center. Villes Innovations intervened to assist Paris Seine University and the Communauté d’Agglomération de Cergy Pontoise in the definition of this new Learning Center.

  • Expertise of the Fab Lab La Fabritech, Le Cheylard (Ardèche)

    Project management  : ARDI (Agence Régionale du Développement et de l’Innovation) Partnership : Ocalia Years : 2015-2017 Expertise of the Fab Lab La Fabritech – Poleyrieux / Le Cheylard (Ardèche), ARDI, 2017 (Expertise mission of Rhône-Alpes Living Labs and Fab Labs).

  • Elaboration of a model of innovation and cultural development, CU Grand Paris Seine & Oise

    Project management : Communauté urbaine Grand Paris Seine & Oise Partnership : Cuesta Year : 2017 The study conducted by Villes Innovations and Cuesta aims to accompany the reflection and production of a project of innovation and cultural development for the Communauté urbaine Grand Paris Seine & Oise.